Word and Sacrament Ministry
1. Serving as a Lead Pastor at Our Saviour Lutheran Church ( LCMS), Valley Stream, NY ( www.oursaviourvalleystream.com)
2. Serving as an Associate Pastor for TamilMinistry at Immanuel Lutheran Church ( LCMS), White Stone, NY -( www.immanuelwhitestone.com)
3. Serving as a Protestant Chaplain at Bronx Psychiatric Center, Bronx NY Office of Mental Health NY State.

Goodwill Fellowship
Vision: To help, lead and provide a better understanding of Christian living through preaching and teaching.
Mission: To read, study, analyze and exegete the Bible with, historical, cultural, theological background to reach a spiritual understanding.
For Whom: For everyone, irrespective of age, sex, religion and denomination.
Methodology:Bible Study, leading to discussions with questions and answers session using audio visual technology.
Place: Alfy’s Residence
Date and Time: Please contact Pastor Alfy at 212-363-0524(Cell) for more information or please send an e-mail at pastoralfy@gmail.com
Light Refreshments would be served after the meeting.

Music Ministry
Keerthanai Maalai: This is a Sing Song program of God’s message utilizing the Keerthanai songs written by two of his Great Grandfathers Rev. Ve. Santhiagu Pothagar and Rev. Ve. Masilamani Pothagar. This program has been conducted in several places including in Missisauga in Canada on August, 09.
Isaiyil Narseithi: This is a Message using Pastor Alfy’s own compositions from “Yesuve Nanban” audio CD.
Aar Ivar Araro: This is an advent program with a message utilizing songs form Alfy’s two Great Grand Fathers as well as his own compositions.

Goodwill Fellowship – Television Ministry(A mosaic ministry of Immanuel Lutheran Church, New York)
Name of the Program: Vasantha Vazhvu
Our motto:“Serve the People and share the Gospel”
Vision: Touching the lives of people through appropriate spiritual programs to introduce and reintroduce Jesus, the Christ through which to recruit and regain souls for God’s Kingdom.
Target Population: Speaking Asian Indians and Srilankans.
Duration:30 minutes, monthly once.
Wider Network: The program will be made available through YouTube and in our Church Website for a wider reach. The same program will also be aired in one of the local channels in Tamil Nadu.
Vasantha Vazhvu

1. Served as Pastor at Living Water Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, New York.
2. Served as Associate Pastor at Christhava Tamil Koil, Queens, New York.
3. Served as Moderator for Eastern Region for PAAM(Pacific Islanders & Asian American Ministries.
4. Served as Student Pastor at Union Congregational Church, Richmond Hill, New York
5. Served as Student Pastor at Congregational Church of Morrisania , Bronx, NY 

Some of the Keerthanaigal by Ve Santhiagu
1. Vinthai Kristhesu Raja
2. Thanthen Ennai Yesuve
3. Thasarey Itharaniyai Anbaai
4. Devaney naan umathandaiyil
5. Nitham muyal manamey
6. Varavenum Paranaviye
7. Arumai Ratchaga Koodivanthom
8. Yesu naan nirkum kanmalaiye
9. Deva Logamathil
10. En ullam kavarum

Some of the Keerthanaigal by Ve Masilamani
1. Seer migu vaan puvi deva sthothiram
2. Vanthanam Vanthanamey
3. Aar iver Aararo
4. Thanthanai Thuthipomey
5. Anandamey Jeya Jeya

Audio CD released by Pastor Alfy
Volume One:
Vinthai Kristhu (Collection of Keerthanaigal composed by Rev Santhiagu Pothagar)
Vinthai Kristhesu Raja
Varavenum Paranaviye
En ullam kavarum
Yesu naan nirkum kanmalaiye
Nitham muyal manamey
Thanthen Ennai Yesuve
Thasarey Itharaniyai Anbaai

Music Ministry at C.S.I Holy Immanuel Church, Madurai during December 2010
நித்தம் முயல் மனமே ( Nitham Muyal Maname)
தாசரே இத்தரணியை அன்பாய் ( Thasare Itharaniyai Anbaai )
ஆர் இவர் ஆராரோ -இந்த -அவனியோர் மாதிடமே ( Arivar araro)